Is the Dodge Durango a Safe, Reliable Daily SUV?

One of the best three-row SUVS for both performance and safety, the Dodge Durango is a comfortable, family-friendly vehicle that encourages you to be content with your daily commutes. Those everyday drives are made so much easier when you love the car you drive. With the Dodge Durango, you can feel comfy, cozy, and protected from your everyday A to B.

The Dodge Durango boasts a load of interior and exterior features, but there are two that are, thus far, the most liked for drivers. 1) The passenger and driver seats are heated with four-way lumbar support to accommodate long rides. 2) The second and third rows fold down to give you extra cargo space.

At Richmond Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ltd., we know that the finding the perfect SUV requires hands-on experience. So, whenever you feel ready to trade in your car of convenience for a car you love, come down for chit-chat and a test drive. The Dodge Durango could be your best match.



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