Features Inside The Dodge Grand Caravan For Comfort

When you're looking for a spacious vehicle for your family, consider the Dodge Grand Caravan. The vehicle offers enough room for at least six passengers to comfortably ride while you're on the road in Richmond. There are a few different options for configuring the seats depending on how many people are in the van and if you have cargo you're transporting.

Climate control is on a tri-zone level so that each row of seats can receive either heat or air when needed. There is also an entertainment system in the rear of the van, allowing all passengers to be able to have something to do while riding.

Monitor objects behind your van using the rearview camera system. There is a Wi-Fi hotspot in the van that allows multiple passengers to connect to the internet. Safety features inside the van include multiple airbags and stability control. While at Richmond Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ltd., technicians can demonstrate other safety features that are available.



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